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Banking on

Deutsche Bank's Tim Mason and Esusu's Alexis Sofyanos share their insights into key challenges in finance today. Where will the next wave of innovation come from? How can financial services deliver on new customer expectations? How are innovations in finance and social good intertwined?

Download the new frog report ‘Banking on Invisibility’ for a multi-faceted perspective on the future of financial services.

The banking landscape is being rewritten, meaning major opportunities are ahead that incumbents and challengers alike must prepare for. It’s time to sense with evolving data-driven insights, respond with an ecosystem of strategic partnerships and join the charge to activate future-proof behavior.

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Shifting Horizons

Open banking has enabled brands across the board—from fashion to mobility to healthcare—to act as financial institutions, embedding loans, payments, payroll and more into existing offerings. In addition, an ongoing wave of consumer tech innovation is merging physical and digital worlds at daily touchpoints, meaning we can navigate payments without even thinking about the financial aspect. Banking is moving into the subconscious. We’re seeing fast-evolving customer experience expectations and new competitive challenges.


of respondents said they expect their banking to be easy to use and available anytime, anywhere.

An entirely new form of finance is on the horizon: one that’s abstracted, seamless and connected at its core.

Riding the next-gen wave


Financial services are undergoing a dissolution of previously firmly established boundaries. We're on the brink of a wave of novel products and services, made for a world with less rigid industry perimeters. This has already happened in the automotive industry, with the move from ‘car’ to ‘mobility’—extending the value chain beyond the physical product and creating a vaster space for interpretation. Financial services are heavily regulated and tend to be one of the more conservative industries. As a result, it can be slow to react, but when it does alter its course, the effects will be felt widely as money is so foundational to (and intertwined with) other industries.


Design Mind Studio Sessions: The Future of Banking

Industry leaders from Innovate Finance, United Ventures and Capgemini Invent discuss the new invisibility superpowers shaking up the world of finance.

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To match consumer expectations in an increasingly invisible financial landscape, success lies in a trio of interlocking strategies:

Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense Sense
Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond Respond
Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate Activate

1. Sense

Data Talks

New sources of data, advanced analytics and AI-powered insights have given rise to innovative ways of creating personalized experiences. New customer needs are emerging, such as a desire for portability of banking, personalization of offers and an expectation for cutting-edge tech to be used to deliver surprising, smart products and services.

It’s up to banks to sense the evolving needs of consumers, gain semi-psychic abilities to ensure they give them what they want and enjoy deepened relationships and co-created visions that traditional finance could previously only dream of.


Client Story

Konfío arrived on the Mexican fintech scene with a mission to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a human-centered alternative to traditional banking’s aggressive fees, bureaucracy and lack of transparency.

Together with frog, Konfío developed an identity design and strategy that showcased an ongoing commitment to approachability, launching rebranded offerings that streamlined all its tools and products into a unified experience.

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2. Respond

Ecosystems Are Go

Invisible finance is connected at its core. The old saying goes “no person is an island”—and no bank is, either. We must be prepared for the world of finance to become more complex and less tangible as it evolves alongside the disruptive and game-changing digital asset economy.

Growth in the sector must forge partnerships to deliver a responsive, CX-focused ecosystem of capabilities. The bank-centric method, with traditional financial institutions relied on for clearing and settlement, is rapidly being replaced. Today, various third parties can enable settlement by non-financial service providers, on a peer basis or through a collaborative model.


Return on Innovation: Winning in Invisible Banking

How can wearable payments enable seamless experiences for resorts, gaming and beyond with a fashion-forward approach?

Partnering with global financial services leader J.P. Morgan, frog has developed a blueprint to deliver payments ecosystem innovation.

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3. Activate

Fortune Favors the Bold

The interconnected developments of invisible finance, next-gen banking and the digital asset economy will have major implications for all industries and will create significant challenges for governments, central banks and regulators.

The approach in mindset needed for this new world of business will take many years and is markedly different to current digital transformation initiatives. Incumbent banks must overcome the challenges of legacy-based infrastructures, utilizing software algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence in the service of enhancing financial experiences.

Meeting New Customer Expectations in Financial Services

What should be top-of-mind for organizations delivering financial products and services today? What role can data play going forward? Find out how take on some of the big questions facing the financial sector today—from financial wellness, to positive friction and controlled experimentation.

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Invisibility doesn’t mean disappearing

Financial services are becoming so deeply embedded in our technology and in industries that they are growing nearly invisible. But they won’t go away. Rather than step aside and be relegated to serve as the pipes behind the scenes, banks have the right and the reason to own their customers’ relationship with their money.  

Download the full ‘Banking on Invisibilityreport to go deeper into the three strategies of sense, respond and activate to develop new products, services and experiences for a shifting financial landscape. Learn how to understand the coming waves of change and begin to formulate a bold vision and tangible actions to move into next-gen banking.

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