Uncovering the Unexpected Future of Autonomous Mobility

When it comes to Autonomous Mobility, the future has no particular respect for our assumptions.

As we look towards the uncertain horizon of the current automotive landscape, we need to challenge everything we know in order to see beyond and start designing the auto industry of the future. One way for companies to to do this is through frog’s many provocation methods.

As designers, we frequently adapt methods from cognitive psychology, the social sciences and management theory to aid in our structured ideation workshops. In these workshops called frogThink sessions, we are able to work with our diverse clients to come up with completely new ways of thinking, which can open up entirely new areas of opportunity. We often challenge our clients to:

  • Escape what they know by canceling or removing what is taken for granted
  • Reverse the normal flow or order of things
  • Exaggerate the normal quality or make a wish

For those in the automotive industry right now, this kind of ideation will be imperative for companies to stay ahead of current projections and in the incredibly competitive innovation space. This is especially crucial for those looking to enter the autonomous mobility market. We know from experience that the most ground breaking innovations don’t follow our preconceived notions. Just look at how Uber changed the industry by convincing people it was completely okay to get into a car with total strangers. When it comes to the next wave of change in the automotive industry, we have to take what we know and flip it on its head, turn it inside out, and play it backwards in order to arrive at new value opportunities that redefine the very idea of mobility.

To find out more about how frog is helping our clients prepare for the unexpected future of autonomous mobility, download our recent insight report here:


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