The Launch Report

At frog, there’s nothing we love more than seeing the hard work and bold ideas from our client collaborations come to fruition. From passion projects out of our very own studios, to exciting new start-ups from our frogVentures™ program, here are just a few of the latest products to launch this season.

Yona: For People With Vaginas

frog is excited to announce the launch of Yona, a new approach to radically empathetic healthcare for people with vaginas. The project began in January of 2017, when two frogs based in the San Francisco studio, Sahana Kumar and Hailey Stewart, set out to redesign the dreaded speculum used in pelvic exams. With the addition of Fran Wang and Rachel Hobart, the project grew to encompass industrial design, experience design, visual design, mechanical engineering, and extensive design research. The result is a stylish suite of proposed products, including an app that guides you through the process of the pelvic exam, updated amenities for the exam room, and of course, a speculum fit for the 21st century.

The Sensel Morph: An Input Device For The Future

After a rockstar Kickstarter campaign that reached and surpassed its goal in the first week, the Sensel Morph, a next generation input device, is now available on the market. Sensel worked in close partnership with frog in developing the Morph along with the brand and strategy behind it, emphasizing user insights from their key audience of musicians, artists, and creators of all walks. “Sensel came to us with a breakthrough technology that offers a huge range of possible uses. To align our strategy and product experience with our user’s needs, interests and ways of working, we mobilized a community of key influencers and early adopters, and involved them in the creative process.” said Ethan Imboden, Head of Venture Design at frog.

New Matter: The Mod-t 3d Printer

New Matter is launching a Kickstarter campaign for the second generation of their game-changing 3D printer, the MOD-t. After their initial collaboration with frog in 2016, the team has worked closely in bringing to life the elegant, yet simple and affordable 3D printing solution for the home, office or classroom. “New Matter has always emphasized what others in the industry overlook – that ease of use is at the heart of practical value,” noted Ethan Imboden.

Heatworks: The Model 3 Electric Water Heater And App

After just over a year of design and development, Heatworks is bringing their internet-connected, tankless, electric water heater and mobile application to market. The startup partnered with frogVentures™ to bring an agile, human-centered approach to the brand identity, product strategy and integrated hardware and software design program. The MODEL 3 device, along with its corresponding app debuts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

Plume Labs: The Flow

From an intensive six-week ideation and design period came the Flow, a stylish tie-on smart product that allows users to be informed about their own air quality exposure on the go. PlumeLabs worked closely with a multidisciplinary team in frog’s London studio to bring a sleek, beautiful package to their innovative air-tracking technology. frog also consulted on the next generation Plume Air Report digital application, which crowd-sources data to educate people about the importance of clean air and provide real-time information about air quality exposure. Available on the market this fall, the Flow underscores the need for beauty and a design-driven approach across interaction, functionality and build, as well as the value of this emerging market where air quality is rapidly entering the mainstream conversation.


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