The future of successful business is built on culture and people


Expectations from your customers, end-users, partners and employees are constantly evolving and at the same time also the world around us is driving businesses to constantly seek the new normal. This requires you to keep your finger at the pulse all the time.

While there are many resources, processes, practices and technologies you can invest in that are promised to bring you a competitive edge, there are a few resources that are infinitely valuable and often overlooked: your company culture and your employees. Your employees are the mirror of your culture. They often are also the first point of contact for customers and leave a big impression – good or bad – throughout the customer journey. That’s why it is vital to engage your employees, ensuring they are knowledgeable, empowered, and motivated to act as an advocate on behalf of your company. Inspired and committed employees create positive customer experiences which, in turn, create a strong bottom line.

Paying attention to culture and people brings your business clear value.

  • More innovative and creative people solve problems and create solutions in a way that differs you from your competitors and creates viable, future-proof business.
  • Agile and Lean organisations are able to be proactive instead of being behind. They nourish the business, empower experimenting and thus, increases the possibilities to create something valuable both in the short and longer term.
  • More self-empowered teams build stronger commitment and sense of belonging to your employees making it possible to create an extraordinary employee experience and culture.

We at Idean, part of Capgemini Invent, help our customers to design and shape employee and culture experiences. We capture the essentials in the unique context of each client, their long term goals and priorities. We get inspired by using a smart combination of human-centric approach and methods that go beyond behaviours and opinions. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen and develop cultures and experiences that turns you into a future-proof organisation.

May we be at your service. We’d love to have a chat with you to see how you could benefit outmost from your biggest asset – culture and people.

“Culture is the glue that either keeps us doing things well or keeps us doing things poorly.”
Professor Ethan Bernstein — Harvard Business School


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Anne Oljelund
Head of Studio, frog Finland
Anne Oljelund
Anne Oljelund
Head of Studio, frog Finland

Responsible for strategy, sales, people and business performance. Advising and supporting clients and our own people on business and projects in multiple sectors to ensure individual growth as professionals and humans with high level of customer satisfaction.

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