Learning To Fight The Stroke

When Mario was just a few days old, he was diagnosed with a perinatal stroke. Mario is now 5 years old and has greatly improved mobility with the help of mirror neuron rehabilitation.

After his stroke, Mario’s parents founded to connect families affected by infant and childhood strokes. The social movement advocates for technology and open medicine as enablers of a better future for young stroke survivors. is currently developing Mirrorable, a telemedicine solution that connects children over a video link to engage in playful rehabilitation exercises together. The approach relies on stimulating the ‘mirror neurons’ that fire while observing and imitating an action performed by someone else. In mid-2016 a small team of frogs joined the project to shape the best possible user experience for the affected children and their families. In July the team structured a lean approach, prototyping the minimum elements required to act out the experience, testing them and then rapidly iterating on the experience. The following video documents Mario, his parents and the frog team as they test a low fidelity prototype of the Mirrorable experience.

Since the user test, frog has supported the team in designing the Mirrorable user experience, from the user interface to a family diary used to record progress and collect feedback. The team is now working hard to develop Mirrorable for a research project with families in December 2016.


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