In Conversation: Gagandeep Gadri and Philip Starrett on Uniting Data With Creativity

How can CMOs make sense of data, while maintaining their creative edge?

Business landscapes are evolving: we’re seeing accelerated digitization, rapid growth of e-commerce and major shifts in consumer behaviour. With this backdrop, frog is on a mission to understand how change is affecting leaders in the sector today.

In this panel interview, Gagandeep Gadri, Head of frog UK, sits down with Philip Starrett, Adobe EMEA CTO, to explore the challenging intersection of data and creativity. Together they explore why data exploitation should be just as important as data acquisition—and how both are essential in delivering a successful marketing campaign. Ultimately, they outline the ways that CMOs can make sense of their data and generate insight without losing creativity.

As part of Capgemini Invent, frog has carried out original research, surveying more than 1,600 global marketing professionals. A common theme that has emerged is how the role of the CMO now extends far beyond brand-building and communication, to include shared accountability for customer experience, business growth and more. Consolidating our findings, frog have identified the three core opportunities CMO can take advantage of during this time of flux:

  1. Utilize data available and action insights in real time.
  2. In the face of a talent shortage, build teams that can blend data with creativity.
  3. Balance science with art—avoid becoming obsessed with optimization at the expense of brand building.

Ultimately, our research, and the conversations we have every day, illuminate how crucial purpose is—and how finding a clear sense of purpose is inextricably linked to good collaboration across the C-Suite. The result? Intuitive prioritization of opportunities and more meaningful disruption and progress for your organization.

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Gagandeep Gadri
Managing Director of frog, part of Capgemini Invent
Gagandeep Gadri
Gagandeep Gadri
Managing Director of frog, part of Capgemini Invent

Gagandeep is an Executive Vice President and is the Managing Director of frog globally and the Head of frog in the United Kingdom. A future focused senior leader commanding 25 years of experience gained driving innovation, growth and delivering customer experience and digital projects across global brands. Above all, a bold innovator with the capacity to evoke positive change felt at both a human and organisational level.

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