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frogSF Does Design Week

We opened our first studio in San Francisco nearly 20 years ago. Needless to say, we love this city. We also love connecting with our local design community during San Francisco Design Week, an annual celebration of design via unique access to exhibitions and conversations with innovative thinkers and companies in the city. Here are some highlights from all the talks, panels and parties that frogs hosted and attended.
News & Events

Bolt Vc: Brand Experience Design For Startups With Frog Design

Bolt is a venture capital firm who works with early-stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software. frog ventured to their studio (located just a few blocks from us in San Francisco) to talk about all things brand and experience design. Kristin Krajecki (Strategy Director, Head of Global Brand Practice), James Song (Creative Director), and Daniel Chen (Pricipal, frogVentures) presented a panel and discussion on tools and processes that frog uses to help start-ups build and launch brands.

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frogs Daniel Chen, James Song and Kristin Krajecki at Bolt VC

Tuesday Capital Launch Party

Though it wasn’t on the official SF Design Week roster, we did celebrate our latest Venture Design launch with Tuesday Capital. As part of an ongoing partnership, Tuesday Capital (formerly known as CrunchFund) enlisted frog for a rebrand to communicate their ethos and reflect their new ownership structure. On June 12, Tuesday Capital and frog celebrated the company’s new identity and messaging, which builds on their long track record of successful investments in Silicon Valley.

James Song, Creative Director, takes the stage with Tuesday Capital’s founders

Synapse Panel

We all love to hear about nitty gritty product success stories, but let’s be real–for every triumph, there are lots of fails along the way and many products that don’t make it through the storm. So, how do you avoid downstream pain-points in the product development process and improve your odds of prevailing? frog Mechanical Engineer Ryan Wickre joined a panel-style discussion with engineers and designers at Synapse that covered a collection of product case studies and lessons learned to look at how we can all learn to mitigate on-coming chaos.

Speakers included Ryan Wickre, Mechanical Engineer at frog; Julie Connors, Director of Technology Design Services at NewDealDesign; Nichole Rouillac, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Level Design; Alex Sutton, Electrical Engineering Group Leader, Synapse.

The panel, including Ryan Wickre, at the Synapse Open Studio (image courtesy of Synapse)

frogSF Studio Warming Happy Hour And Talk

On Thursday, we opened up our new San Francisco studio to the design community for the first time! We had it all: drinks, pretzels and a talk about the future of death. Associate Strategy Director Rebecca Blum presented her wildly popular SXSW talk, “Death and Legacy in the Digital Age,” which explores what happens to our digital selves in death, and how we might start designing with the inevitability of death in mind. Thanks to everyone who joined us in person and via the live stream!


How frogSF does Design Week!

Rebecca Blum presenting her talk “Death and Legacy in the Digital Age”

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