frogs at Large: Winter 2017

Here are some of the exciting talks, conferences and publications from around the world that include influential frogs at large.

Jon Freach In “design Reader”


Based out of the University of Texas Center for Integrated Design, the new publication Design Reader explores the “value of creativity as it weaves through our lives in the realms of art, education, technology, business and health,” says former frog president Doreen Lorenzo, who founded the Center for Integrated Design (CID) in 2016. For its inaugural issue, Jon Freach, frog’s Executive Director of Design Research, who also teaches at the CID, authored an article about the emergence of design toolkits, looking at the practical benefits, and what kind of mastery can be expected by learning to use them.

Sean Rhodes At La Comotion

Sean Rhodes, Executive Creative Director, attended LA CoMotion, which brings together “the brave new world of the urban mobility revolution” for five days of talks, demos, test drives and exhibitions on the future of automotive. Sean spoke on the panel, “Improving Wellbeing through Transport Design,” moderated by Antonio Pacheco, West Editor of The Architect’s Newspaper. The panel covered the impact that urban transportation systems have on the health and well-being of city dwellers, focusing on how designers can account for wellness, inclusivity and accessibility when envisioning new modes of transportation for healthy urban communities.

Karin Giefer At Createtech

Karin Giefer, Executive Creative Director of Applied Data, gave a talk at CreateTech called “Technology-Fueled Change,” in which she outlined the opportunities that brands have by leveraging huge data sets to fulfill their customers’ desires for personalized experiences. By utilizing data science, machine learning and AI, we are able to bridge the chasm between human intellect and scalability, opening up radical opportunities for businesses and new experiences for customers. Karin spoke about how data, when applied with a designer’s lens, has the power to better connect brands and people by delivering a more human experience.

Matteo Penzo At Central European Startup Awards

Matteo Penzo, Executive Director of Technology, spoke at the grand finale of the CES awards in Sofia, Bulgaria. As a part of the jury panel, he contributed to the Awards Ceremony, which is an event for the startup ecosystem to gather, have fun and enjoy each other’s accomplishments and celebrate the wins of fellow entrepreneurs.

Richard Tyson At New York Deal Making

frog Principal Strategy Director, Richard Tyson spoke on a panel at New York Deal Making, the second-largest conference run by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). The panel, titled “Retail Reimagined: Embracing Change,” was moderated by James Cook, Americas Director of Research, Retail, JLL, and focused on the future of the retail experience in our new digital landscape. Richard spoke about the importance of having “blended channels” tailored specifically to brand identity in order to create more meaningful retail experiences. He also stressed how understanding purpose and customer experience is pivotal in crafting seamless digital and physical products and spaces that utilize data and services in ways that tell a dynamic story and keep people engaged.

Design For Inclusivity At Frog Sf

frog’s San Francisco studio hosted Design for Inclusivity, an event bringing together expert panelists Tiffany Yu, Founder, Diversability & Awesome Foundation Disability Chapter; Zahna Simon, Assistant Director of the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival; and Dr. Victor Pineda, President and Founder, Pineda Foundation / World Enabled. Together, they spoke about their work designing and building communities for the 1 billion people with disabilities around the world.


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