frog's Design Mentorship Program

The frog Mentorship Program aims to provide exposure and access to design thinking and human-centered design to under-represented students
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Promoting exposure to design
The purpose of the frog Mentorship Program is to expose a wider pool of potential designers to the design process through the introduction of various career paths, disciplines of practice, and basic design rituals. The program provides a step-by-step introduction to the field of design, allowing high school and college students to begin understanding this complex and often inaccessible fieldThe program serves as both a tool to guide students toward possible career choices, as well as an outlet for exploration and discovery.  

Practice makes perfect
One of the most important aspects to succeeding in the design industry is understanding how many different practices there are available. Choosing an area of practice takes a lot of time, exploration and experience. The mentorship program allows students to understand human-centered design as a core principle, while also allowing them to get an inside look into the various disciplines available within a global design firm like frog. Students will get a glimpse into the rituals, rhythms, tasks, and lives of designers.   

Program Overview
The mentorship program is offered to both high school and college-level students. The “Design Career Awareness” track, intended for current high school students, is an 8-week program that meets once a week. Students are matched with a frog mentor and guided through each of frog’s disciplines and practice areas.  

The “Career Ready” track, intended for current college students, is a three-month program that meets every two weeks. Students are paired with a frog mentor who will help them prep their portfolio for the job market.  

How to Apply  

Click here to apply for either the High School or College Mentorship Program 

Halle Kho
Halle Kho
Halle Kho

As Creative Lead of frog’s New York studio, Halle leads a team of talented interaction and visual designers to deliver on a complete user experience across projects. Halle is responsible for growing and maintaining the culture of design in the studio and ensuring quality and inspiration on projects. Prior to frog, Halle was Senior Creative Director for Barnes & Noble, where she was responsible for the rebrand of She started her career in agencies, where she led client teams for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Grey Goose Johnson & Johnson and Armani. Her award-winning work has been shown at the Cooper Hewitt and MoMA.

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