frog in the News: SXSW 2018 Wrap Up

frogs from ponds around the US made their way to SXSW 2018 in Austin, TX to lead sessions on everything from intelligent algorithms to designing at the intersection of technology and death. Here’s a look at what was shared.
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The Future Of Ai Assistants

As AI assistants continue to carve out a place daily life, they create new interactions between human and machine. In a panel titled “Designing the Next Wave of Natural Language and AI” with frog Executive Director Karin Giefer, Ben Brown from Google, Ed Doran of Microsoft and Andrew Hill from Mercedes Benz, discussion around rising consumer expecations led to a talk of the role of adaptive AI personas—systems intelligent enough to adapt to our changing needs, moods and behaviors. Read more at IEEE Spectrum.

SXSW KG panel
frog’s Karin Giefer discusses natural language and AI at SXSW 2018.

Radical Empathy For Lasting Cultural Change

frogs Linda Quarles and Oonie Chase hosted a workshop called “Empowering Women through Radical Empathy” to help attendees experience firsthand how sharing personal stories can be used to improve morale and create a sense of belonging within an organization. Writer and co-host of the workshop Lydia Dishman shared her story on Fast Company.

SXSW rad empth
During the workshop, pairs exchanged personal stories in a ‘Radical Empathy’ exercise.

Designing For The Digital Afterlife

What happens to our digital lives when we die? Rebecca Blum, Senior Strategist at frog in San Francisco, explored this question in a SXSW talk titled “Death and Legacy in the Digital Age.” The discussion touched on how social media platforms could help users communicate a loved one’s passing, as well as the prospect of using artificial intelligence to keep us alive in some form, long after we’re gone. Read more about the discussion at Art & Seek.

SXSW blum
frog strategist Rebecca Blum discusses what happens to our digital selves when we die.

Principles Of Sense Augmentation

“How do we design responsibly, as technology moves closer to the body?” Asks Fabiola Einhorn, Interaction Designer at frog, in her SXSW talk where she identified key principles for designing for the body. Inspired by the body hacking community and informed by social science research, Einhorn’s principles of sense augmentation include: think embodiment and intercorporeality; work closely with SMEs; question infrastructure; address material & placement; technology is fast and biology is slow; and art is an early reflection of culture. Listen to the talk here.

sxsw fab
Fabiola Einhorn talks body hacking and beyond on stage at SXSW.

Design In The Criminal Justice System

frog Strategist Ryan Menefee teamed up with prosecutor Kelsey McKay in a co-presentation entitled Design in the Criminal Justice System that explored how law enforcement agencies can utilize field tools to convict more strangulation cases, and how designers can apply design research at government-sized scale.


Fastco Grill Presents: Innovation By Design

Oonie Chase, Executive Creative Director at frog, joined FastCo’s Innovation by Design panel, where she spoke about the important role that design plays in innovation: “Our companies are seeing that design, outside of the making of a thing, is remaking the way they do business.” The panel included David Rosenberg, Head of Business Development, giphy; Mark Rolston, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Argodesign; and moderated by Eric Schurenberg, CEO, Mansueto Ventures.

oonie FC
Oonie Chase on the importance of design in fostering innovation, live at the FastCo Grill.

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