Empower Your Team with #CreateFromHome


Remote work is our new normal. Today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. And what you learn right now about how to optimize it may just transform your company for the better. What if I told you that distributed workflows could bring more productivity, greater efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and even cost savings? Sometimes a crisis can be a catalyst for positive change.

Now is the time to act. To take bold steps.

With centralized teams, on-site operations, and a culture of in-person meetings, transactions, and other procedures, some of our clients were hit with an unprecedented dilemma. How could they keep running their business? Everything they knew – their customers, markets, core product offerings, and missions – seemed to be in peril. Consumer habits are now changing dramatically by the minute, but we can meet these evolving needs in innovative ways – by designing solutions that meet this new demand.

Why Create From Home?

The importance of this moment has inspired us to meet this defining challenge with a surge of motivation and entrepreneurial action. Talent from our global Studios around the world quickly took the initiative to start working with their clients in a brand new way, sharing their best practices for remote collaboration, and developing a powerful, agile approach to this new normal. We’ve given voice to a movement that empowers our clients. We call it Create From Home.


We began with the natural empathy that’s intrinsic to our design process. We listened to our clients and dove into their pain points. What was no longer working? Which projects needed to pivot? How could we help uncover a new focus? And we soon recognized that we had something big and super relevant to offer. Our expert guidance in how to be intensely productive and creative in a fully online world.

That’s why we came up with this new offering: three distinct packages we call Kickstart, Craft, and Transform. Ranging from three weeks to four months, the more extensive engagements include multiple workshops, dedicated teams and a comprehensive plan for communications and strategy.



Create new rituals to bring cohesion, renewed confidence, higher morale and energy to your team. Pinpoint opportunities to explore as a recharged team.


Continuing team momentum, use your new remote rituals and design thinking to solve an actual business or design challenge.


Now turn your team into internal champions of remote collaboration — develop and implement new ideas through self-run innovation workshops and practices.


These options will help you align on common values and strategies, find key innovation areas, and identify fresh, inspiring work practices to help your teams bond and excel.

Our services come with the backing of our parent company, Capgemini – a global IT powerhouse that can scale any project imagined into a reality. They’re advancing AI and robotic process automation in the financial services sector, augmented workforce technologies, and cloud, digital and platform applications. This gives us added depth and breadth in our engagements with any company, at any stage, for better alignment and superior execution. In short, how to get the job done fast – without ever going to the office or meeting face-to-face.

Our clients around the world are already seeing results in new growth opportunities, ensuring that productivity and innovation stays at the core of their organizations. Create From Home is a dynamic mindset, method, and set of tools that inspire focus, clarity, and efficiency. It’s a key step to regaining momentum. A transformation strategy that will get your team on track and headed in the right direction.


frog, part of Capgemini Invent is a global design and innovation firm. We transform businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver a distinctly better experience. We strive to touch hearts and move markets. Our passion is to transform ideas into realities. We partner with clients to anticipate the future, evolve organizations and advance the human experience.

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