Design Mind frogcast Ep.47 - Studio Sessions: Your Consumer Responsibility

Our Guests: Bhavesh Unadkat, Vice President Brand and Marketing UK, frog; Sharon Jiggins, Managing Partner, 23red; Matt Gratze, Former Director of Digital, Signet Jewelers

On this episode of Studio Sessions hosted by frog’s Bhavesh Unadkat (Vice President, Brand and Marketing UK), our consumer insight experts Matt Gratze (former Director of Digital, Signet Jewelers) and Sharon Jiggins (Managing Partner, 23red) share their perspectives on some of the key ways that brands can show up and take a renewed ownership of their impact. Learn how leading with responsibility can lead to fresh forms of creativity and open up new avenues of business.

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Elizabeth Wood
Host, Design Mind frogcast & Editorial Director, frog Global Marketing
Elizabeth Wood
Elizabeth Wood
Host, Design Mind frogcast & Editorial Director, frog Global Marketing

Elizabeth tells design stories for frog. She first joined the New York studio in 2011, working on multidisciplinary teams to design award-winning products and services. Today, Elizabeth works out of the London studio on the global frog marketing team, leading editorial content.

She has written and edited hundreds of articles about design and technology, and has given talks on the role of content in a weird, digital world. Her work has been published in The Content Strategist, UNDO-Ordinary magazine and the book Alone Together: Tales of Sisterhood and Solitude in Latin America (Bogotá International Press).

Previously, Elizabeth was Communications Manager for UN OCHA’s Centre for Humanitarian Data in The Hague. She is a graduate of the Master’s Programme for Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, University of London.

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