Clean Growth in Energy & Utilities


Introduction to Clean Growth in E&U

Growing energy demand, driven by population growth and economic development, has led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. As sustainability becomes a worldwide concern, our industry has to ask: How can advances in technology, policy change and behavioural change help solving this issue?

The energy industry has fulfilled the regulatory check marks in order to foster the anticipated energy transformation and now enters into a new phase where each and one of the firms can play a vital role as creators of the future. Whilst the industry builds upon the three “Ds”, decarbonization, deregulation and decentralization, it is moving from its conservative past to a new setting where innovation is key. Its consumer base, which used to be largely passive, has moved to a world of ‘prosumers’ who expect sophisticated, service-based offers. In addition, new competitors enter the market with business models that decrease traditional structures and utilize new means of value creation.

We see the new era as a call for all innovators and restless minds to design ventures and products which energize other providers and consumers to offer and live a better and more sustainable life. So we had to put our heads together, scouted the latest start ups, connected emerging dots to finally create some specific actions to build your clean, profitable business of the future.

Our recent experiences, with clients across a range of sectors, have helped us to uncover three distinct innovation plays that we believe can bridge the gap between ‘purpose’ and truly cleaner business models.

As we genuinely believe that the inherent tension between economic growth and reduced environment impact can be dissolved by looking at industries from a different angle, we are happy to discuss our impulses more specifically with you.

Thank you for downloading our POV. Feel free to send us any remarks or questions.


Max Wolke
Engagement Manager
Max Wolke
Max Wolke
Engagement Manager

Max is an Engagement Manager in the Central Europe Commercial Strategy team, based in Munich. He thrives when helping his clients exploit their strengths to realize new growth opportunities and win in competitive markets.

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