Catch Up with frog in Austin During SXSW

We’ve got a great line up of panels and events in Austin this year during SXSW.
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March 9

Designing Against a Data Dystopia

Solo talk by Agnes Pyrchla, Senior Strategist, frog

We need to design for data misuse. An economy has erupted around our personal data. And because our data is valuable, there is an economic incentive to misuse it. At times it feels like we’re living in a data dystopia. Palantir has developed “predictive policing” in New Orleans. Your Roomba is mapping the layout of your home without you knowing it. AT&T is selling your web browsing history associated with your real name and address. But we can use dystopia as a tool. Dystopia helps us imagine futures we don’t want to create and by reversal, the ones we truly do. Together, we can build a healthy data future with a little imagination and a defined set of values, beyond profit.

March 10

Beyond Innovation: Challenging Norms for Radical Change

Panel, frog Austin Studio

‘Innovation’ is now the norm for any company or brand trying to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing environments. Which means, it’s time to rethink the way we break down barriers and find new opportunities to grow. Beyond Innovation: Challenging Norms for Radical Change is a chance to hear from diverse industry leaders on how to be truly innovative in this moment ripe for disruption. Join us at frog’s Austin studio for this exclusive panel and happy hour event with panelists Vinoo Vijay, CMO, HRBlock; Karen Dolan, CMO, Dimensional Funds; Will Coleman, CEO, Alto; and moderated by Nicole Torres, Senior Associate Editor, Harvard Business Review.

March 12

Art Museums as Spaces of Digital Play

Panel with Charles Yust, Principal Design Technologist, frog

Many adjectives are ascribed to art museums, but “fun” isn’t usually at the top of the list. Institutions have tended to project authority rather than empathy and emotional connection. However, museums’ aspiration to grow attendance beyond traditional art audiences has begun to create opportunities for playful engagement almost unthinkable a decade ago. Digital experiences, particularly AR, have played a key role in this development. Focusing on delight, more than didactic forms of education, can have powerful effects on fostering understanding and engagement among visitors of all ages. This panel will examine trends in the field and take a deep dive on findings from the immersive Interpretive Gallery created by SFMOMA and frog in 2018 for the “Magritte: The Fifth Season” exhibition. Additional panelists include: Chad Coerver, Chief Content Officer, SFMOMA and Sarah Brin, Digital Storytelling Program Manager, Meow Wolf

March 13

Design for the Unexpected: Autonomous Mobility

Solo talk, Theo Calvin, Creative Director, frog

Success in the market is not inevitable for those making autonomous, electric, and connected mobility products. Next generation transportation products based on historical trends or personal experience will miss the breakthrough ideas needed to compete in a shifting mobility landscape. An enormous opportunity space is about to open up. The concepts that succeed will likely be a surprise. Rather than falling behind, or being caught off-guard, creative strategy tools can be used methodically to explore unexpected, innovative solutions for shaping autonomous technology into commercial mobility services based on user experienc


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