The Business Value of Design Pt. 5: Visionary Transformation

In our last installment of The Business Value of Design, we cover Pt. 5, which talks about achieving the illusive Visionary Transformation that so many companies seek.
The Associated Press

We all strive for visionary transformation to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing business landscape. But this is often easier said than done for companies so entrenched in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of today, rather than looking to solving and finding those of tomorrow. This is where design comes in: it can reimagine a value proposition in the face of shifting consumer expectations, new competitors and business models.

frog had the opportunity to put this idea into action when working with the Associated Press on exploring the future of news reporting in the wake of emerging technologies such as AI. To stay ahead and maintain a competitive advantage, the AP engaged frog to analyze the current landscape, assess potential sources of disruption and create an actionable, five-year framework for the future of the business, which they are still utilizing to create value and reach in the new future of the Augmented Newsroom.

To find out more about the Business Value of Design, download the full paper here.
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