Design Technologist Intern

Why join frog?

Joining frog means you’ll be joining the “pond,” a global network of studios, each with a thriving in-person and vibrant virtual culture. frogs are curious, collaborative, and courageous, united by our passion for improving the human experience through design, while each bringing our unique and diverse skills and experiences to the table. We draw on our global reach and local knowledge to solve complex problems and design innovative, sustainable solutions that touch hearts and move markets. frogs prize humour, positivity, and community just as highly as performance and outcomes. Our culture is open, flexible, inclusive, and engaging. Working at frog means being empowered to Make Your Mark on every project, in your studio, your community—and the world at large.

Why join frog?

As a Design Technologist Intern at frog, you’ll be part of a team using the latest tools and techniques to take projects from idea to reality. You’re eager to learn how to take a human-centred approach to development: finding relatable, new ways to use technology, helping others work within technical limits, and building user experiences that improve people’s lives.

We want you to have:

  • Openness to new ideas, an eye for detail, and a desire to work with designers
  • A willingness to learn, explore, and collaborate
  • Experience with a major front-end framework (e.g., React, Vue, Angular, etc.)
  • Experience building responsive interfaces, working with user events, manipulating UI elements, and applying animations/transitions
  • Familiarity with consuming APIs
  • Experience using version control tools, such as Git
  • Some experience working with front-end component libraries (e.g., Material Design, Chakra UI, etc.)
  • Understanding of programming fundamentals, like OOP, functions, asynchronous execution, and source control

It would be a bonus if you had:

  • Built multiple kinds of frontend applications, i.e., web and mobile
  • Experience with back-end, e.g., Node.js, Express, database (e.g. MongoDB, SQL, etc.)
  • Experience with DevOps, e.g., AWS
  • Explored some emerging tech such as AR/VR/Metaverse (with Unity or Unreal Engine), AI/ML, IoT, etc.
  • Explored some embedded technologies, e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • Experience with rapid prototyping and creating proof-of-concept demos, with e.g., Figma, ProtoPie, etc.
  • Knowledge or experience with agile best practices

Application Instructions

  • Provide your resume
  • We’d love to see your work! Include links to any portfolio, public git repos, open source contributions, or apps/websites you’d like to share.


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